Procurement of 20 panel service providers(contractors) for prevantative maintenace of municipal facilities
GLM030 -2023 Supply and deliver fuel, Diesel, Petrol and Oil for a period of 36 months
GLPPROP-2023 Proposal for the lease and operation of Modjadjiskloof resort(Caravan Park)
RFQ006-2023 Supply and delivery of three(3) laptops
GLM024-Panel for Town Planning
GLM029-2023 Skip Bins
RFQ004-2023 Supply and Delivery of Traffic Uniform
GLM028-2023 Advisory Services within Finance Dept
GLM027-2023 Inverters lithium battery and solar for ICT Network
GLM026-2023 Panel of Service Providers for Training
GLM025-2023 Panel of 3 Land Surveying Consultants
GLM023-2023 Panel Maintenance of GLM Facilities
GLM018-2023 Re Advert Mokwakwaila Cluster
GLM018 - 2022 Fleet Management System
GlM011-Electrification of two(2) villages at lebepane(416) and Rotterdam (14B) stands
GlM012-Electrification of three(3) villages at mpepule(142) stands, Lehlareng (84) stands and Rageke(155) stands
GlM013-Electrification of three(3) villages at iketleng(132) stands, Lekgwareng(211) stands and Makhurupetse(55)
GlM014-Upgrading of LV Network
GlM015-Refurbishment of HI Cable Network
GlM016-Supply, Delivery, and Installation of four(4) Highmast lights in Bellevue cluster
GlM017-Supply, Delivery, and Installation of four(4) Highmast lights in Kgapane cluster
GlM018-Supply, Delivery, and Installation of four(4) Highmast lights in Mokwakwaila cluster
GlM019-Supply, Delivery, and Installation of four(4) Highmast lights in Sekgosese cluster
Tender register
GLM009-2023 Abel Street Paving
GLM010-2023 Cubicles and Bullet Proof Glass Kgapane Sasko
GLM021 - 2022 Re- Advert Security Services
RFQ001 2023 Supply & Delivery of Five Skip Bins
RFQ002 2023 Supply & Delivery of 150 SMMES Shelter (Umbrella)
RFQ003 2022 Supply & Delivery of 1 Poly Diesel Bowser
GLM021 - 2023 Supply & Delivery of Motor Grader
GLM020 - 2023 Supply & Delivery of Tractor Loader Backhoe(TLB)
GLM019-2022 Stationery
GLM015-2022 Panel of civil Engineering
GLM008-2023 Thibeni Street Paving
GLM007-2023 Motsinoni Street Paving
GLM001-2023 Protective Clothing
GLM002-2023 Valuation roll
GLM003-2023 Ramodumo Str Paving
GLM004-2023 Malematja Str Paving
GLM005-2023 Mayor's vehicle
GLM006-2023 Speakers vehicle
GLM020 - 2022
GLM018 - 2022
GLM017 - 2022
GLM016 -2022
GLM015 - 2022
GLM011 - 2022
GLM009 -2022

Tender Register 2022/2023