FileDescriptionDepartmentClosing Date
ADVERT MM 20202021-01-15
Erratum for vacancies 13 August 2020Letaba2020-08-13
Advertisement External 03 August 2020 for websiteletaba2020-08-03
REAdvertisement External August 2020 for newspaper summaryLetaba2020-08-03
GLM EXTERNAL POSTS JULY 2020Letaba2020-08-03
NOTICE of closing DATEletaba2020-03-25
External Advertisement March 2020 letaba2020-03-25
ERRATUM Advertisement External 2019 Letaba2019-02-08
ERRATUM Letaba2019-01-25
Advertisement External January 2019Letaba2019-02-08
ERRATUM FOR ADVERTLetaba2019-01-25
Advertisement 2018 02 August postsGreaterletaba2018-08-24
Advertisement 2018 Final 23 04 2018On Advert2018-05-11
Advert for Audit Committee 2018On Advert2018-04-30
2017 November Advert Local General WorkersTechnical Services Directorate2017-11-17
2017 November National Advertisement On Advert2017-11-17
ADVERT MM AND CFO 2017On Advert2017-09-01
Director: Technical ServicesTechnical Services Directorate2017-08-08
Advert MM and Directors 2017 GLM2017-05-31
ERRATUM 2017 IT Sowetan & Sunday World2017-04-07
Advertisement March 20172017-04-07
General workers (30)Technical Services Directorate2016-12-15
Management Representative Community Services Directorate2016-12-15
Assistant Director-Internal Audit, Risk Management Officer ... Greater Letaba Municipality2009-10-30
General workers (30)Technical Services Directorate2016-12-15
Advertisement of posts Greater Letaba Municipality2016-12-15
Credit Control Officer, Senior Creditors Clerk, ... Greater Letaba Municipality2009-03-27
Municipal Manager, Director: Corporate Services ... Greater Letaba Municipality2012-03-23
PMU Technician, Meter Reader... Greater Letaba Municipality2011-01-28
Re-Advertisement: Director: Infrastructure, Development and PlanningCorporate Services Department2015-10-30
Director Corporate Services (Five Year Fixed Term Contract), 2 X Management Representatives.. Greater Letaba Municipality2012-10-31
Information Technology OfficerCorporate Services Department2011-05-11
Assistant Director: Traffic and Licensing (One Post), Examiner: Driver’s License (One Post)... Greater Letaba Municipality2011-05-31
Director: Corporate Services(Re-advertisement), Secretary: Corporate Services ... Greater Letaba Municipality2013-03-28
Assistant Director: Information Communication Technology (ICT), Administration Officer: Legal Services.. Greater Letaba Municipality2014-12-05
General Workers (29 Positions) Infrastructure and Development Directorate2014-12-05
Interns: Internal Audit (Two Positions) and Finance Directorate (Four Positions) Office of The Municipal Manager, Finance Directorate2012-08-17
Secretary of The Municipal Manager, Roller Compactor Operator, Multipurpose Machine Operator ... Greater Letaba Municipality2011-12-15
Erratum: The following posts are withdrawn: 1. Secretary: Corporate Services 2 . Secretary: Chief Financial Officer 3 . Secretary: Office of the Speaker and Full-time Councillors Greater Letaba Municipality2014-11-20
Advertisement of posts Greater Letaba Municipality2016-12-12
Director: Corporate Services (Re-advertisement) Greater Letaba Municipality2013-11-29
Manager: Office of The Mayor, Chief Admin Officer: Internal Audit and Admin Officer: MPAC, ... Greater Letaba Municipality2013-10-31
Director: Corporate Services, TLB Operator (Two Posts), and Fleet and Asset Officer (One Post) Greater Letaba Municipality2014-02-28
Re-Advertisement: Asset Management Clerk and Creditors Clerk Greater Letaba Municipality2012-02-23
Director: Technical Services Greater Letaba Municipality2016-11-11
Director Infrastructure Development and Planning Greater Letaba Municipality2015-09-29
Erratum: Director Infrastructure Development and Planning Greater Letaba Municipality2015-10-15
Project Foreman and Field Workers Greater Letaba Municipality2012-08-29

Archived Vacancies